Here are some organizations and online resources that I support and encourage you to check out!

Diversify the Stand

Diversify the Stand is an organization dedicated to promoting diversity in programming. Check out their great work with inclusivity and commissioning new works HERE.

The International Women's Brass Conference

For the past 30 years, IWBC has worked to promote gender equity and equality in the brass community. Check out all of what IWBC has to offer HERE.

Trombone Compositions by Women Composers

This is an excellent resource by Natalie Mannix. It's a PDF collection of her research of composition for trombone by women. Learn more about Natalie and check out her list HERE.

The Chromatic Brass Collective

The Chromatic Brass Collective, founded by Black women, is an organization for brass musicians that celebrates, performs, mentors, and educates in an effort to increase the representation of Black, Latina, Asian, and Indigenous women and non-gender conforming people throughout the brass world. I am proud to serve on the Advisory Board for this organization. Learn more HERE.

Rising Tide Music Press

Rising Tide Music Press is a publishing organization that supports BBIA (Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian) composers by publishing, promoting, and supporting the composers and selling their works so that the composer gets the full amount they ask for. Learn more HERE.

Yoga for All Musicians

Yoga for All Musicians is a fantastic wellness resource and a great place for musicians to connect and explore or practice yoga! Visit their site HERE.

Playing Without Pain

This is another great wellness resource by Francesca Leo that includes resources on injury prevention, mental health, community, and meditation. Visit the website HERE.

Trombone Excerpts

This is a classic resource that likely every trombonist knows about. But, if you're just starting out or haven't heard of it yet, I highly recommend by Seth Vatt. It's an incredible resource of excerpts and recordings and indispensable for any trombonist considering a performance or teaching career. Visit the site HERE.

Trombone History Online

Another classic resource, Will Kimball's online trombone history is a great resource especially if you are looking for historical images. Visit his site HERE.

Fanfare for the Unheard

Fanfare for the Unheard is a masterclass series presented by clinician and trumpeter Ashley Killam. Ashley is an excellent resource and expert in finding diverse music from talented composers. Her series, Fanfare for the Unheard is a lecture showcasing music from talented, underrepresented composers. Learn more HERE.

Affinity Suite

If you know me, you know that I do a lot of graphic design. I cannot say enough about the programs that I use, I love them and highly recommend them to anyone! They are the Affinity Suite: Designer, Publisher, and Photo. They're similar to the Adobe Suite (which I also like and have used) but it is only a one-time purchase and the apps integrate in a unique way. If you want to learn more, I train people on these all the time and am happy to chat about them! Affinity's website HERE.

Sharing Debugger

This is a bit of a niche resource, but if you've ever tried to upload a video to Facebook and couldn't get the thumbnail to load, this is how you fix it! (Also it's likely if it hasn't shown up that you have the video set to private or unlisted, even if you made it public after copying the link, it won't show a thumbnail until you refresh it with this resource or give it time.) Sharing Debugger tool HERE.