Dr. Lauren Rudzinskas is an accomplished educator with an innovative private studio. All students interested in studying with Dr. R at the University of Akron will receive a free lesson. If you are interested in taking regular lessons, she is also available to teach both in person and online (via Zoom).

Trial Lesson, University of Akron - $0

30 Minute Lesson - $35

45 Minute Lesson - $45

60 Minute Lesson - $55


"Lauren’s style of teaching is different in the fact that it is very student-centric. She is the first instructor to ask me what my goals in learning were, and where I wanted to be in the future. She forced me to be introspective about what I want to get out of being her student. Setting more goals has helped me be a much more focused and motivated musician. Knowing she cares about what I want, I cannot help but to see her as one of my biggest mentors and allies as I work towards achieving my own goals. Through her unique teaching style, Lauren shows that she cares about me as a pupil, a musician, and a trombonist. She invests a lot in my growth, and I feel all the more encouraged to do the same."

"Ms. Rudzinskas keeps a perfect balance between routine vs. new, praise vs. criticism, input/process vs. end result, and explanation vs. playing. She is an excellent teacher and player."

"Lauren is not a typical instructor, simply assigning work to be done and critiquing my completion of those assignments. Her passion for learning through participation is infectious. My learning has been a 360° experience. I not only hear myself as a better trombonist, but I feel like a much more well-rounded musician in less than a year of her lessons."

"I seriously cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me. Honestly, I was SO intimidated by all of the other people who seemed to know so much more than I did, and I was ready to just give up. But thank GOD THAT YOU WERE THERE because you recognized that I could be more than what I was being, and you helped me."

"You have helped me so much over the years. You were my first ever trombone teacher. You have taught me how to be more confident. You are one of the best teachers a kid could have. You are the best."