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St. Patrick's Day Resources

Gigg_Tenor Trombone - Score.pdf

Tenor Trombone

Gigg_Euphonium Baritone_BC - Score.pdf

Euphonium/Baritone BC

Gigg_Bass Trombone - Score.pdf

Bass Trombone

Gigg by Mr. Arne_Euphonium Baritone_BC - Score - Score.pdf

Euphonium/Baritone BC

Gigg by Mr. Arne_Bass trombone - Score.pdf

Bass Trombone

Gigg by Mr. Arne_Tenor Trombone - Score.pdf

Tenor Trombone

Gigg by Mr. Arne_Beginner Trombone and Baritone BC - Score.pdf

Beginner Trombone

Solo & Chamber Repertoire

Together, Lauren Rudzinskas and Jeff Dunn created Duplicity Press where these arrangements can be purchased.

"We’ve arranged 9 duets by diverse and traditionally under-represented historical composers.These duets are meant to be played not just by like instruments, but also with any combination of traditional wind band instruments. We hope that this flexibility will benefit students who may experience interesting instrument groupings as a result of a hybrid schedule or are co-quarantined with a sibling or friend who plays a different instrument."